Transforming learning: Strategic plan 2022‑2027

Transforming learning is a five‑year plan for ACER to be a global leader in preparing people for their future and ensuring everyone learns successfully.

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International Benchmark Tests (IBT)

School assessment services

Design and development of assessment tools and resources

Analysis and reporting of assessment data

Ready-made and tailored assessment solutions

Support understanding of data to improve learning

Enabling comparative international benchmarking

Pioneers in educational research

ACER India partners with national and state governments to adapt global best practices in assessment to the South Asian context. Drawing from ACER’s international research expertise, ACER India has created its niche in the South Asian market.

Large-scale assessment
Capacity development
Evaluation & monitoring
Large-scale assessment
Capacity development
Evaluation & monitoring

Professional learning tailored for educators in South Asia

Self-paced professional learning courses designed internationally to suit the needs of your school.

Publications and resources for South Asia

Evidence-based resources and information services for learners, practitioners, organisations and researchers in education and related fields.

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Help shape the future of education development with ACER India

We're actively seeking international researchers and consultants with expertise in a range of education quality improvement areas to join our team.

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